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Mold Inspection


Will the quick flipper have this tested before and after the repairs?

Will you be the luck family to find out if they didn’t?

Is your home or potential new home a healthy environment for you and anyone else that enters it? I’ll do a Mold Assessment Inspection and Testing to give you the answer to that question.


The purpose of the Mold Assessment is to detect the presence of a microbial problem in the inspected areas of the Subject Property.

Scope of Mold Assessment:

The Mold Assessment consists of a visual inspection in readily accessible areas for mold and/or conditions that may indicate the presence of mold (“red flags”), for example, musty odor and/or evidence of water penetration. If the visual inspection shows no or one “red flag” area, then limited samples will be taken (“Initial Sampling”), as set forth in the “Initial Sampling” section below. If “red flags” are found in multiple areas, then You will be advised and offered the chance to have additional samples collected in any and all identified areas (“Additional Sampling”). Finally, if you so elect, the Inspector may only take samples in areas designated by the you (“Limited Mold Sampling”). The objective of the Mold Screen is to determine whether mold problems exist in the readily accessible area(s) sampled at the time the Mold Screen is performed. As such, the results of Mold Screen are not a guarantee that mold does or does not / will or will not exist in the house; the results are indicative only of the presence or absence of mold in the areas sampled at the time the Mold Screen is performed. In light of no currently established Threshold Limit Values (TLVs) for the majority of substances of biological origins that are associated with building-related exposures.

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