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We offer Office, Commercial, and Residential Cleaning Services to Southwest Nebraska and Northwest Kansas.

Pristine Clean Commercial Cleaning has been Southwest Nebraska and Northwest Kansas go-to cleaning company since 2015. We provide cleaning and janitorial services daily, weekly, and monthly. We are able to handle whatever comes your way whether it’s routine cleaning to specialized services including sanitizing and sterilization. We are a “total” cleaning company. From residential to commercial to medical, educational, or houses of worship, carpet cleaning or floor stripping and waxing, We Do It All!



Why Choose to outsource your cleaning services?

Regular cleaning goes a long way toward the health and well-being of your facility. Our specialized solutions can eliminate most pathogens on high touch surfaces like counters, door knobs, phones, and other office equipment. Effective treatment limits the risk of transferring germs to other staff or visitors. We recommend cleaning high traffic areas at least once per week. Floors, restrooms, furniture and coffee stations can be havens for bacteria and viruses because multiple people touch them every day. Other less-frequented areas like vents, fixtures, and blinds require cleaning at least once per month.

Flexible Services

We believe cleaning services should be as unique as your place of business. While some companies in the cleaning industry provide a one size fits all approach, we strive for customized cleaning options. Our cleaners match our services and your preferences, so you only pay for what you need. We tailor our cleaning services based on your facility size and budget. That includes adding a flexible day or night schedule to prevent disruption to your business schedule. We also offer 24/7 cleaning services in case of unexpected problems.

Our Day Porter Team is an Extension of Your Team

Busy offices and buildings can always use another set of hands. Day porters are great resources for
building managers who may not have the internal staff to respond to cleaning, disinfecting, minor maintenance, and other tasks during operating hours. Sometimes cleaning and disinfecting can’t wait until after dark, and when that happens, day porters are there to help.


A safe facility is one where employees quickly respond to spills and other messes that can pose hazards to occupants. Porters are also called upon to perform light maintenance duties like changing light bulbs and responding to unsafe conditions.


Pristine Clean Commercial Cleaning provides day porter services that serve as a part of your team. Our porters are professional cleaners who are fully trained in Pristine Clean’s best practices and safe pathogen handling. Best of all, they are specifically trained to handle your unique building needs. They work in conjunction with nighttime janitorial staff to provide constant cleaning services at any time of day. Our approach is to be your one-stop shop for commercial cleaning, disinfecting, and any facility maintenance needs. 

Keep your building running smoothly with day porter services. Day porter duties can vary from day to day, but their overall goal is to keep your facility clean, safe, and comfortable. They are flexible, versatile, and ready to help where needed. If your facility could use more hands during office hours for daily office cleaning, reach out to us today.




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Steve did an amazing job cleaning the upholstery and carpet in my camper. Thank you very much for the job did. I will use Pristine clean again.