Katsy Dearest: Tanx Keed for all the presents today and the grand meat. I am now stuffing (11:15) chocolates and Bocayo (Juan’s) and will try to get a quick note to you via or on Warner.

You can send the canvas in whenever convenient –but hold the floor. We intend to use the canvas to put a double roof on Gilly’s shack for rainy season. Pleez send both pieces.

Note what you say re the air conditioning –but believe you should continue using it –specially during the hot season. You will find that with the comfort of air conditioning your bill will be around 75 paysos, and without it your bill will be between  50 & 60 peesos. The difference is not worth saving –remember we want to keep you and the three kids in good shape –a cool night in air conditioned comfort is the best insurance for health that I know of. I shall feel better when I know you have closed the room again –today puleez darling. We don’t have to save so drastically yet –actually we are okay financially for 5/6 months and I have several plans after that. Also, you can start drinking milk everyday –same as M&P, as we have plenty of that for 10 months –including Pat’s share –so let’s relax a bit, and try to enjoy life a bit more at 1925 Robert.

Hope Juan can get you the liver extract at the hospital. If not, send PDG to Plaza Sta. Cruz Botica to get a bottle. You need the extract not the meat –one spoon of extract is equivalent to 10 Lbs of meat. Don’t, darling, risk your health –especially nowadays.

Sho is hot out here in the day time & dusty –but nights are not bad –at least in Room Zero –with our SW exposure. Am still changing clothes daily (instead of weekly as at home); but they aint no remedy yet.

Don’t worry about me –I’m probably well off than any of you all. And don’t send me a Sunday package Honey, pleez. I get so much from you now that I’m so ashamed of myself. And now that I remember –Billy said not to send a fruit a day –make it Monday vegetables (plenty) carrots, cabbage, beets, tomatoes, camotes, cucumber, (no pechay or talinum, too much on our menu here); Weds meat –Friday vegetables again. Billy has a lot of fruit already but is shy on vegetables.

Regards to the rats and Toots, and for you a big, big kiss Dearest. 






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