May 20th

Mike’s birthday

7th Letter

Sweetheart: Another day, another dollar –and a chance to say  hello to the sweetest gal in the whole wide world; and to let you know how much I love you dearest.

It must really be nice nowadays at home with lights at night. Did you celebrate? Conditions are gradually becoming normal, no?

Sorry re the empty bottles, I found them at the shanty in a market sack. I really thought I had sent ‘em. Anyway, here they are now. Can you puleez fill one (or two) with peanut butter? for the mess. (I still have half a can in my cabinet).

Re the telephones, I forgot to tell you to have Mr. Simon arrange to disconnect –the extension handset, extension bell, and 5 plugs (not just extension fone. The bell is in the play room and you know where the plugs are located. This will bring our bills down from 13.80 to 8.50. Did you find key to my trunk? If not Sixto can go get one of the key smith around the corner of Dasmarinas and Juan Luna (key will cost about one peso).

My chances of getting out for a while on the 20th are NIL, 10 day passes are given out everyday (for 3250 internees) and are in order of importance –sickness, etc. in family getting preference. However, I am working on the idea of your sending here all 3 boys with Amah in a carrotela, and having three boys come alone for an hour or so while Amah waits outside in the rig to take ‘em home. I could have little ice cream and cake party at the shack, they could go home for M’s party and his Calle Robert’s gang. Do you think this is a good idea. Mike, Pete and Pat all to come –remember 3 of everything. Let me know if you approve, and I shall start pulling strings.

Did Simon get the Do? If it will be necessary to sign the same slip next month –don’t forget to bring blanks when you come on 289th.

I forgot to tell you that there are hundreds if books in the camp. For 15 cents each book, I can read all the pocket books, and for 10 cents per day I can get almost any kind of book –not to mention a big supply from YMCA and Red Cross.

I don’t need a thing. I have everything (except my gal and the rats). If you can help with my dirty clothes and food for the mess, I shall be on Easy Street. It is a bit warm here, so I dirty more clothes than at home –lots and lots of dust too –so I can’t cut down much on dirtying clothes until rain gets in.

We had a really good house cleaning in our room today –mopping –sweeping ceilings –etc. We shall strive to have the cleanest room in Sto. Tomas –using plenty of Creolene.

Regards to Toots and all the younguns –and a big hug for my sweetheart.





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