Sweetheart –what fun today to have my gal with me. Can’t it be true –it already seems like a gloroius dream –I only wish it could be everyday. Darling I love you so much –so very, very much. Some day we can look back and smile about all this days –mean time I can only say again that I love you and those 3 precious rats.

Re the tarpaulin, please get Esteban and George to unfold it measure it for me. Also please look at it at tell me what is its condition (any holes, rotten spots, etc) and whether it seems water proof. Please let me leave this dope weds. Re the floor –hold it in the house (also the tarp) until I let you know re sending it.

Don’t forget to send in a tin or a jar of peanut butter for the mess. ( I find I have already sent back the jar the beans came in).

I hope Simon was able to get the Do ok? Was so sorry you had to spend so much last month. Cut down on the food you send me so as to save a bit.

As a suggestion –ask Carlos or Milagros re the food for LSto and the people here. They feel that with the uncertainty of its regular delivery they would just as soon have their monthly allowances increased a bit and they can buy at the gate. Let me know his or her reaction. Be diplomatic –there are hard feelings here and I don’t want to give the impression that the man do not appreciate what is sent (although it really is lovely).

Could Juan make me a pan of cheap bocayo and send without pan in my clothes. I feel guilty eating your lovely fudge –it’s too good for me –and I can only think of robbing milk and eggs from my darling and dear pals.    

As for you dearest, let me see you add 5 ponds by the 28th –plenty of eggs and milk and chocolate. Promise darling. And if you have been able to buy vitamin tablets (have you?) take at least one daily. Also try liver pills obtainable at Sta. Cruz Botica about 4 pesos for 50.

You could also try Cowmilk (the new –fortified trend) prepared by Bu Science. Send George daily with thermos and get a quart (be sure it is the fortified kind); and then drink it. Ice cold milk is delicious. Several people here have it sent in and it’s delicious –not at all like coconut milk at home and I think its only 30 centavos a quart now. Try once anyway and let me know. It is sold ice cold so send the thermos. This will help you gain Honey.

Give my regards to Toots. Bert Holland told me today that my pal says you, Toots, the keeds will have no worry re staying out. Your passes will be extended regularly without need of doctor’s certificate. Bert made a special trip to look me up with this comforting info. Tell Toots to take it easy and if she wants some real worry try teaching George English Literature or Greek. I appreciate so much the help she has been to you (and to me) at home taking the rats off your hands and doing so many little things that she may not think I have noticed. Toots is a swell gal, and I only wish I could bash her head against the wall to stop her from worrying so much. We all could worry and worry as many things –but worrying won’t help –lets all just pray that we can last thru it all with our health and safety for the kids and you and Toots. Anyway, tell Toots to quit worrying or I shall start losing weight worrying over her.

Be good Honey –I love you –


Your own 



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